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Today, I have finally finished the potion.... 
"I finished the potion, Sonic. You just sat there"
"Sorry Rythian" 
"Anyway, mind tell me what this potion does?"
"I want it to be a surprise... I'm so happy you agreed to do this, I mean you don't normally help people"
"Yeah... But I don't want Tailina to beat me you with words" I nod, wait until you and Lalna drink the potion....

-At PandaLabs- 

"LALNA, OPEN UP!"  I screamed, I must have gotten someone's attention because I hear moaning and someone using a jet pack. The door opens, revealing Lalna.
"What is it, Sonic?" He rubs his eyes, I may have just woke him up... Oh well
"I want you to help me." Lalna steps out of the house and closes the door
"I want you to drink this." I hold out the bottle with purple liquid.
"What is it?"
"He wants it to be some sort of 'surprise'" Rythian said from behind me.
"What are you doing here, Rythian?" Lalna said, shocked to see Rythian
"I said I would help."
"Let me guess... Tailina?" Lalna asked and Rythian replied with a nod.
"Fine" Lalna said, staring at the bottle in my hands.

"Are you ready, boys?" I said, pouring the purple liquid into glasses for both of them.
Rythian nods and so does Lalna. "Ok, when you ready, drink the potion"
They both drank all the potion at the same time and puts the glasses down on the table.
"That tastes... Unique." Lalna said, starting to cough.
"Yeah also, it's make me feel... Lightheaded." Rythian said, coughing as well. I believe Rythian was the first to faint, followed by Lalna.
"Well, see you two in an hour" my eyes flashed purple, they don't know what's happening to them... 
A sonic x yogscast crossover
inspired by an RP I'm currently doing with :iconliltwangymouse3: 
 :) mouse... Don't kill me 
If you want more of this story, comment below! 
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Oh yeah I remember now!
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August 27, 2014
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